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John Hull has contributed more than 50 chapters to various books.  Some more recent ones are listed here.  Those added most recently are shown in bold.

‘Lord I was deaf’: Images of Disability in the Hymnbooks
Stephen Burns, Nicola Slee and Michael Jagessar (eds) The Edge of God, New liturgical texts and contexts in conversation. London: Epworth 2009, pp 117-134.

Only One Way to Walk with God: Christian Discipleship for New Expressions of Church
Louise Nelstrop, Martyn Percy, (eds) Evaluating Fresh Expressions: explorations of the emerging church, London, SCM Press, 2009, pp 105 – 121.

Mission Shaped and Kingdom Focused
Steven Croft (ed) Mission-shaped Questions: Defining Issues for Today’s Church. London: Church House Publishing. 2008. pp 114-132.

The Education of The Religious Fanatic

Religion, Violence and Religious Education

Christian Education and the Reconstruction of Christian Faith

Practical Theology in Context: The Case of Europe

The Contribution of Religious Education to Religious Freedom: A Global Perspective

Blindness and the Face of God: Toward a Theology of Disability

Religion in the Service of the Child Project: the Gift Approach to Religious Education

Religionism and Religious Education

The Material Spirituality of Blindness and Money

The Shadow of My Parents

A Critique of Christian Religionism in British Religious Education

Freedom and Authority in Religious Education

Christian Education in a Capitalist Society: Money and God

The Ambiguity of Spiritual Values

Spiritual Education: Religion and the Money Culture

Collective Worship: The Search for Spirituality

Can One Speak of God or to God in Education?

Atheism and the Future of Religious Education

The Nature of Religious Education

Human Development and Capitalist Society

Religion and Education in a Pluralist Society

Critical Openness in Christian Nurture

Christian Theology and Educational Theory: Can there be Connections?

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