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John Hull's current research falls into two areas:

1. The Education of Christian Adults in Britain

Christian faith in Europe has been influenced by its association with 500 years of European power.  John Hull claims that the remnants of this imperial theology, which has been especially prominent in Britain, condition the attitudes and beliefs of Christians today.   He has received two grants from the British Academy to fund this research.
The first grant was given to study  The Hymns of Isaac Watts (1674-1746).
The second grant was awarded in December 2002 for a study on:
'The Origins of British Imperial Theology in The Trading Sermons of the Early 17th Century'.  This work is progressing.

2. A Theology of Disability

John Hull's blindness compelled him to reconsider the imagery of Christian faith.
He describes this process in his autobiography  On Sight and Insight.
He has explored the Bible from a blind person's point of view in his most recent book:
In the Beginning There was Darkness.
He is working on a new book, to be called 'The Tactile Heart: Disabled Theology and the Quest for Life'.

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