Festschrift in Honour of John M Hull

Eighteen of John Hull's international colleagues and former students contributed essays to a Festchrift commissioned to mark his 70th birthday. It was presented to him by the chief editor Dennis Bates, on 22nd April 2006, at a gathering in the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, to celebrate his 71st birthday. Click here for details and pictures.

Education, Religion and Society - Essays in Honour of John M. Hull. Edited by Dennis Bates, Gloria Durka and Friedrich Schweitzer, 272 pp. (Research in Education Series, Routledge, 2005.) ISBN: 0-4153-6562-7 £70.00.   Buy it from Amazon (price varies)

Publisher's description of the book

Education, Religion and Society celebrates the career of Professor John Hull, a leading figure in the transformation of religious education in English and Welsh schools, and co-founder of the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values. He has also made major contributions to the theology of disability and the theological critique of the 'money culture'.

Leading international scholars join together to offer a critical appreciation of his contribution to religious education and practical theology, and explore the continuing debate about the role of religious education in promoting international understanding, intercultural education and human rights. The contributors also deal with indoctrination, racism and relationship in Christian religious issues, and examine aspects of the theology of social exclusion and disability.

This unique book includes a complete list of John Hull's writings up to the beginning of 2005, providing both an excellent introduction to contemporary issues of religious education in the West, and the most complete critical account yet of his work.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Religious Education, Pluralism and Global Community
  1. Religious Education and International Understanding
  2. Intercultural Education and Religious Education: A changing relationship
  3. The Contribution of Philosophy of Religion to Religious Education
  4. The Teaching of Human Rights in Religious Education: The case of Genocide
  5. Open Minds, Ongoing Heritage, Open Future: The educational theology of John Hull

Part 2. Current Issues in Christian Education and Practical Theology
  6. Christian Education and the Charge of Indoctrination: A German perspective
  7. Telling a New Story: Reconfiguring Christian education for the challenges of the twenty-first century
  8. The Concept of Relationship and its Centrality to Religious Education
  9. Perceiving Self Deception in Teaching and Learning
10. From Conflict to Community
11. Does the Church Need the Bible? Reflections on the experiences of disabled people

Part 3. Religious Education: Theory and Practice
12. Children as Theologians: Developmental psychology and inter-religious education
13. Strangeness in Inter-religious Classroom Communication: Research on the 'Gift to the Child' material
14. Playful Orthodoxy: Religious education's solution to pluralism
15. The Role of Dialogue in Religious Education: A Russian perspective
16. Is there a Place for Youth in Religious Education?
17. Religious Education and the Life-World of Young People: Psychological perspectives

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