John E. Hull


John Hull's father, John Eaglesfield Hull, was born in Leicester, England in 1899. He migrated to Australia in 1915 and after several years of varied experience as a farm worker, trained as a saw mill engineer and worked for various logging companies in Victoria, operating the winch that pulled the fallen timber down to the railhead. The story of his conversion from militant atheism to Christian faith and his becoming a Methodist minister is told in his autobiography Yarns of Cowra Jack by Jack Hull, Melbourne, Joint Board of Christian Education, 1984 ISBN 0-85819-422-8.


" 'One night while reading some incident in the life of Christ, I found myself saying to myself without at first realising what I was saying, 'That really did happen'. It read so easily and naturally. There was no straining after effect, no  trying to make you believe; it just seemed to carry the impress of truth. And I had always been prepared to argue that Christ had never even existed!

When I realised the impression this was making on me, I felt somewhat disturbed, wondered what in the world was coming over me and put the Bible away for the night. But I returned to it, and that first little impression, 'That really did happen' remained with me and quietly grew until the time came when I felt I would like to have a talk to somebody.' "

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