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Hull's interest in the education of both children and adults has led him to consider the impact of living in a money-mad world.
You can read some of his work on this in the items listed below.  Those added most recently are shown in bold.

Blaspheming the Money God
RE Today, [Christian Education Publications] Vol. 27 No.1 Autumn 2009. pp 4-5.

Is there a Spirituality of Money?

Competition: Some Ethical and Theological Considerations

Gott und Geld
This is a collection of Hull's writings on money and religion translated into German.

Bargaining with God: Religious Development and Economic Socialisation

Christian Education: Sufficient or Necessary? Part II

'Karl Marx on Capital: Some Implications for Christian Adult Education'
Modern Believing, Vol.38, No.1, January 1997, pp. 22-31.

Human Development and Capitalist Society

Christian Education in a Capitalist Society: Money and God

The Material Spirituality of Blindness and Money

Spiritual Education: Religion and the Money Culture

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