On Religious Education and Collective Worship

John Hull has been writing about religious education for nearly forty years.  If you would like to read some of his main contributions, and some of his recent writings, they are listed below.

The Education of The Religious Fanatic

Religion, Violence and Religious Education

Religious Education in Germany and England: the recent work of Hans-Georg Ziebertz

Practical Theology and Religious Education in a Pluralist Europe

The Blessings of Secularity: Religious Education in England and Wales

Religion and Terror in the Modern World

The Contribution of Religious Education to Religious Freedom

Religion in the Service of the Child

Religionism and Religious Education

Islam in English Religious Education

Utopian Whispers

Freedom and Authority in Religious Education

A Critique of Christian Religionism in British Religious Education

Atheism and Religious Education

The Nature of Religious Education

Religion and Education in a Pluralist Society


A Gift to the Child

Religion, Education and Madness

The Act Unpacked

Studies in Religion and Education

New Directions inReligious Education

Christian Theology and Educational Theory: Can there be Connections?

School Worship, an Obituary

Collective Worship: The Search for Spirituality


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