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Some sermons preached by John Hull in recent years.
             (Nearly all are Word documents)
  Those added most recently are shown in bold.

(Right) John Hull preaching in All Saints Church, 
Kings Heath, Birmingham, 1st October 2006 
(Three Harvests sermon link, fourth from end below) 

    John Hull preaching in All Saints Church

The Attack Of Jesus On The Temple - 11/03/15 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Parable Of The Talents - 06/11/14 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Prophetic Calling of all Christians - 05/11/13 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

When Faith Becomes a Fetish - 04/06/13 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Bargaining With God And Forms of Christian Discipleship - 28/04/13 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Brothers - 9/10/12 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

A Sermon preached on Holy Trinity Sunday - 19/06/11 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Resurrection According to St Mark - 3/05/11 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Time and Eternity - 13/06/10 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Formation of Prophetic Saints - 1/11/09 - Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford on All Saint’s Day

. . more first than sun more last than star - 7/08/09 - Guelph, Canada:  Address at Cross - O’Cleirigh Wedding

O for a Closer Walk with God! - 17/6/08 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Prophetic Spirit - 18/5/08 - Queen's Foundation Chapel, on Trinity Sunday

Lord, is it I? - 21/3/08 - Queen's Foundation Chapel, on Good Friday

On the Mountain Top with Fear - 5/2/08 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

The Love of God - 17/9/07 - Queen's Foundation Chapel, to incoming students of the Queen’s Foundation

The Prayer that Jesus taught and the Nuclear Weapons that Britain made - 10/6/07
- Outside North Gate of Faslane Naval Base, to students and staff from theological colleges

The God of the Nations and the Charter of the Earth - 6/3/07 - Queen's Foundation Chapel, to students at the Foundation

The Call of God - 4/2/07 - Queen's Foundation Chapel, at the end of a course on the Mission of the Church in Britain

The Ten Lepers - (sometime in 2006 or 2007!) - Queen's Foundation Chapel

In the Beginning was the Word - 5/12/06 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Groaning in the Flesh and the Spirit - 12/11/06 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Weakness and Power in Evangelism - 6/10/06 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

Three Harvests - 1/10/06 - All Saints Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham: service following the induction of the Reverend Rosie Morton

Christian Faith in Iona - 20/08/06 - Iona Abbey

An Ancestral Reminiscence - 22/04/06 - Queen's Foundation Chapel: Service of Thanksgiving before the presentation of his Festchrift

Two Poems for Epiphany - 10/01/06 - Queen's Foundation Chapel

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