The Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation in Taiwan

On 21st September 2003 the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation in Taiwan gave one of the sixth 'Love of Life' Awards to John Hull of the University of Birmingham. There were nine other recipients of the Award present, one from China, one from Japan and six from Taiwan itself.   The Awards are presented to disabled people, or those who have promoted the interests of disabled people, and who have in this way demonstrated their love of life. 

The ten recipients were presented to the Vice-President of the Republic of China and to the Mayor of Taipei.   The visit occupied about a week, and included visits to several schools and hospitals, as well as many TV and press interviews.

The Foundation was created in 1998 in honour of Chou Ta-Kuan, who was born in Taipei on October 29th 1987, and died after a long illness at the age of 10.   His book I Still Have a Leg Left is remarkable for its spirit of joyful courage.   It has been translated into many languages.

In addition to running a number of hospital and research centres for children's diseases, and sponsoring cultural events in Taiwan, the Foundation offers a number of international awards each year for achievements in education, contributions to humanity and to honour those who have shared in the courage and love of life shown by Chou Ta-Kuan.

Professor Chi Jie-Fang of Ghanghua Normal University invited Professor Hull to lecture there on 'Living with Disability', on Friday 19th September.

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