Support for Charities

From its foundation in 1992 until 2006, John Hull was a Director of AbilityNet, a charity which has become one of the largest agencies in the world providing computer assistance for people with disabilities.

John Hull has also accepted a number of invitations from charities to be their patron:

From 2002 until it closed in 2006, he was a patron of Church Action on Disability, which was concerned with the place of people with disabilities in church life in the UK.  He is now the patron of the Visually Impaired Clergy and Readers Fellowship (VICAR), whose aim is to "provide encouragement, share helpful tips, and enable theological reflection on healing and disability through ministry".

In 2004 he became a patron of Birmingham Focus on Blindness, which provides services and support to those with sight impairment, to enable them to lead full and independent lives.   See pictures of John's visit.

He is also a patron of the Banbury Area Religious Education Centre (BAREC), which supports the delivery of religious education in schools, and looks to develop knowledge and understanding of all world faiths represented in the wider local community.

In May 2012 he became the first patron of the Nuclear Education Trust, having been one of the founding trustees from 2007 to 2012. The NET was set up by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as a charity, to promote education about nuclear weapons.

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